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Coast To Coast Canadian Dance Competition


SDC is Canada’s most fun and upbeat dance competition that provides a platform for dancers to share their passion and perform, learn, and grow through constructive criticism from the most distinguished adjudicators in the industry. We are motivated by the hard work and dedication from studio owners/teachers and parents like you. We want to give you the same work ethic and provide the most memorable dance experience possible.


Our teams unique background enables SDC to provide exactly what every studio owner, teacher, parent and student wants, and more importantly NEEDS to get out of any excellent dance competition experience. At SDC, we strive to give you just that.  We invite everyone to enjoy themselves and forget about the politics and stress that comes along with most dance competitions!

Dancer Summit Dance Challenge
Dancer Summit Dance Challenge Competition


We believe that a dance competition should be a place where strangers become friends, where friends become part of the SDC family, and where ALL dancers are celebrated for their talents, hard work, and passion.

We stand by social movements for DIVERSITY & INCLUSION.  Both diversity and inclusion increase richness of ideas, creative power, problem solving ability, and respect for others.

"Diversity is being asked to the party; inclusion is being asked to DANCE."

-Verna Myers


We are not just a dance competition.  SDC believes in dance education and giving back to our studios, and dancers.  Whenever possible, SDC provides the amazing opportunity to work with our industry leading educators in a workshop setting.  There is never an additional charge for these workshop classes!  All Summit attendees are welcome!

Dancer Summit Dance Challenge Competition
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