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Mission Statement

The mission of Summit Dance Challenge is to entertain, inform, and inspire people throughout our dance community, with professional knowledge, creative thinking, innovative technologies, empathy, education,
and always kindness.

Minimum requirements

  • All jobs require weekends (Friday-Sunday) plus travel days.

  • Double occupancy hotel provided and travel paid.

  • Meals during events provided.

  • Must live near a major airport.

  • Must have a valid government-issued ID or Passport.

  • Must have or be willing to have a child abuse/criminal record check.

  • Must love children and performing arts.

  • Must be able to work long hours.

  • Must be fun and outgoing.  We are interested in new team members whose enthusiasm, energy, and smile will lend and support our slogan for being "Canada's most fun and upbeat dance competition".


  • Judges: Please send biography and headshot to

  • Host:  Responsible to entertain attendees, introduce performers, make special announcements, and announce the award results.

  • Tabulator: Responsible for monitoring scores during events, preparing and providing the results to our Host for award sessions.

  • Backstage Manager: Responsible for checking in all entries, providing knowledge to teachers/dancers, and maintaining the show order/schedule.

  • DJ/Audio/Lighting Tech:  Responsible for all audio during performances, games, and awards.  Oversee the lighting and stage during setup and throughout the event.

  • Social Media:  Responsible for managing our social media accounts during live events.  Must have experience with Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

  • Sales Associate: Responsible for our merchandise sales table.

  • Videographer:  Responsible for recording and uploading quality videos of each performance using our specialized software.

  • Photographer: Responsible for taking and uploading quality photos of each performance using our specialized software.

  • Media Manager & Producer:  Responsible for creating specialized video media from each event and overseeing the quality and procedures of the photographer & videographer.


Please send your resume, cover letter, and headshot to:

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