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Summit Dance Challenge

Canada's Most Fun & Upbeat Dance Competition

At SUMMIT, we pride ourselves on being the most exciting and fun-filled dance competition touring in Canada today! It is our mission to blend the thrill of competition while inspiring kindness within the dance community with a well-organized and stress free competitive dance event.

We are looking forward to a year of excellence in dance education, and the opportunity to engage with and help guide the next generation of talented artists.

Why choose Summit?

Detailed scheduling

FREE spectator entrance


Our 3-Day weekend events mean minimal absence from work/school 

Positive & encouraging atmosphere for

dancers of all levels

On-site professional photos/videos

Multiple timely award sessions

All dancers recognized at awards sessions

Audience engagement & entertainment

Live Streaming for all family & friends

FREE APP with live schedule and more

Family fun is our game.  **Penalties for age-inappropriate or offensive choreo, and unsportsmanlike conduct.**   



Detailed scheduling


Easy online registration - No hassles/No forms


Knowledgeable and friendly staff

Teachers VIP room with refreshments and snacks


Teacher reserved VIP seating


SDC Loyalty Rewards Program

Competition director who understands and supports dance studio directors/teachers

Teacher prize draws at award sessions

Choreography recognition at award sessions

The complementary printed programs for all teachers

Welcome gift for studio directors


New... Doordash (or similar) gift card in studio welcome packages so you can arrange stress-free meals on your schedule during the competition!

(minimum number of studio entries required)


All dancers are recognized and will receive an SDC Award!


Lots of scholarships & cash prizes!

Special title awards and grand prizes!

Games and giveaways! 


Uplifting & upbeat judges!  We promise!

Lots of SDC swag merch!

Studio Spirit Contest!

Encore challenge special event!

New... VIP Perks for graduating dancers!  Including "Graduation Dancer Hospitality Lounge" with beverages, snacks, & a gift.


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