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Summit Dance Challenge

What is your REFUND policy?

Entry fees are non-refundable. Once a studio submits a reservation/registration to attend an SDC event, planning and expenditures are incurred in the preparation for the studio's attendance.  For medical reasons only, a studio may apply for credit for an ill or injured dancer in their studio's name.   All credits are made out to the dance studio and will not be issued to dancers directly if the dancer changes studios. Studios may apply the credit towards entries the following year for that dancer only.  (Note: Routines performing with a dancer missing must still perform in their original category)

How to "scratch" a dancer or routine and apply for a studio credit :

1) A teacher representative must see the backstage manager at the event (requests can be made in person only)

2) A teacher will complete the credit request form backstage on behalf of the dancer/studio.

3) A teacher must provide illness or injury documentation from a doctor to accompany the credit request form

Studio credits will be applied to the studio's account and must be used the following tour season.   


What is your EVENT CANCELLATION policy?

  • At SUMMIT we fully understand the complexities of studios choosing their dance competitions each season. If the rare occasion arises that an event has insufficient registrations to run, we provide notification to studios as early as possible and no later than December 31st. At this time, full refunds are issued within 5 days.

  • "Acts of God" or Circumstances Outside Our Control: An "Act of God" is defined in legal terms as events outside of human control, such as sudden floods, severe weather conditions or other natural disasters, for which no one can be held responsible. Additional circumstances outside of our control are; but are not limited to, mass bacterial infections or communicable diseases, and pandemics. The competition may be forced to cancel due to the described. In this case, SUMMIT is not liable for any loss resulting to the participants as a result of this cancelled event. The competition will make all reasonable efforts to replace a cancelled event by arranging an alternative date but this cannot be guaranteed. The competition does not refund participants for cancelled events due to acts of God or circumstances outside of our control.

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