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Summit Dance Challenge


Do you charge an ADMISSION FEE?

No!  Friends and Family are always FREE at SDC  (If additional staff are required by the venue or PHO to run in person events during a pandemic, a small spectator fee may be required to cover the cost of the additional staff and safety measures.  We do not anticipate that this will be the case in 2023, however we want to be as prepared as possible.  We apologize in advance should this be necessary.)

Do I need to CHECK-IN with the competition?

Nope.  Your studio director or representative will check-in for your entire studio at the merchandise table. 


How is VIDEO ADJUDICATION delivered?

Video adjudication is delivered online through a sign-in link sent to studios.  These are usually available within a couple of days after the last day of the competition.


How do we get a PROGRAM

Preliminary schedules of studio entries are sent to studio representatives a couple of months prior to the event date.  These are used by studios to double-check their entries and fix any errors that may be needed. Final schedules for each studio are released to representatives 1 month prior to the event.  Each studio will receive a digital copy of its performance and the competition program.  Free digital programs will be available on our website two weeks before each event.  Full printed copies will be available for purchase in advance on our website.  All teachers in attendance will receive a free printed program available at the merchandise table.   Our SDC APP will include also include the competition schedule as well as live updates throughout the event.  

What does your competition SCHEDULE look like? 

Competition schedules will vary depending on the number and types of entries we receive.  Our competitions are typically three-day events. An example of a three day schedule can be viewed on your event details page of our website.

  • COMPLEMENTARY MASTER WORKSHOPS are provided for dancers and teachers when time permits.  

**We aim to provide 5 or more numbers in between dances for costume changes.  The minimum number for costume changes is 5.

**We reserve the right to make adjustments to schedules based on studio requests, or the number/type of entries.

Do you ever run ahead of SCHEDULE?

Yes, we do! Schedules are ESTIMATED, so be sure to arrive ahead of schedule to make sure you do not miss your dancer's performance. There are hundreds of costume changes to coordinate, we reserve the right to run up to 30 minutes ahead of schedule.  As necessary, breaks may be added to ensure we do not exceed the 30-minute leeway.  You can follow along with our schedule in REAL-TIME, by using our SDC APP.

(Disclaimer: Due to unpredictable WIFI in some locations, the APP may experience issues or delays)

Do you ever run behind SCHEDULE?

We are known for running on time, however, sometimes things come up and yes we can run behind schedule. We have never run more than 30 minutes behind schedule and are usually able to catch up by the end of the evening.



Sorry, no.  Please register with your host studio. 


How do your CASH AWARDS work?

Cash awards vary from location to location depending on the number of entries in the category.  Cash awards are given in the form of scholarships for next season's entry fees. All cash awards are awarded to the dance studio and not issued to dancers.  Each dance studio will have its own policy for cash award proceeds.  Cash awards are non-transferable to another school, or another season.  Please visit our AWARDS page for more info.


Will there be PHOTOS & VIDEOS of performances? 

Yes!  Our photo and video services are available at all of our events.  You will be able to view your images during events on our website.  Should you require any assistants, please visit our lobby sales table.  Videos and Photos can be purchased online.


Do you sell APPAREL

Yes!  We have a selection of trendy SUMMIT gear available at our merchandise table on a first-come basis.  CASH and CREDIT CARDS accepted.


When do the DOORS OPEN

Venue doors open 1 hour prior to the first session of the day unless otherwise noted on your schedule.  


How do you qualify for the ENCORE CHALLENGE Dance-Off?

Judges will select  up to 5 group routines based on their “Entertainment” value only.  There are two showdowns… JUNIOR ENCORE CHALLENGE (Petite, Junior entries) and SENIOR ENCORE CHALLENGE (Teen, Senior Adult entries).  Novice groups do not qualify for selection.   The selected routines will get a chance to do an ENCORE performance, for a chance to be the ENCORE CHAMPIONS!!!  Encore Challenge Dance-Off will be in the style of “World Of Dance” & “America’s Got Talent” where the performers will receive live feedback on stage with the judges and Emcee directly after their performance.  Note: Due to time restrictions, each studio is NOT guaranteed a spot in the showdown.


What are your registration FEES?

Studio representatives may email us at, for information on Registration Fees. We respect the studio's request to keep this information private. We cannot respond unless the request is received from an official studio email, please contact our office for assistance if needed. 

What is the GRAND AWARD session? 

The grand award session is where the judges and competition director give out the top awards from the entire weekend.  Grand Awards total over $10,000 in prizes and scholarships. We strongly encourage at least one studio representative to attend!


I am a parent,  am I allowed BACKSTAGE

Sorry, no.  Only staff, teachers, and dancers are allowed backstage.  In some cases, we can make an exception when a studio needs the assistance of assigned parent chaperones or prop assistants.  All adults backstage must have a pass.


Do you assign DRESSING ROOMS

Yes.  We have found, that assigning dressing rooms helps eliminate some of the morning stress of competitions.  Dressing rooms are shared by multiple studios and are assigned based on the number of female dancers and the space available at the venue. Boys & Non-Binary will have a separate dressing room assigned. Rehearsal space is gender-neutral.


  • NO FOOD or BEVERAGES other than bottled water!!!

  • NO PHOTOS or VIDEOS of any kind.  Security and privacy are our highest priority.

  • Be respectful of others' personal property.  Don’t touch other's belonging, keep your belongings organized, and leave space for others.



Am I allowed to take PHOTOS or VIDEOS?

Sorry, no.  Cameras of ANY kind are NOT allowed inside the auditorium. If anyone is caught videotaping or taking photos, studio entries are subject to disqualification. This rule is in place to protect the choreography of the teachers and the privacy of the performers.  Photography & Video is permitted during awards sessions.  Teachers are permitted to take photos and vi

Why is SPORTSMANSHIP so important at SDC?

Sportsmanship is taken in the highest regard at SDC!  We encourage a fun and uplifting atmosphere for all!  Awards are great, but more important is how the dancers feel about their performances and their overall experiences at the competition.  Our SDC team will be watching dancers, teachers, studio owners, and parents alike throughout the entire event and present a special award at the end of the competition to the studio that demonstrates good sportsmanship towards others.  We welcome dancers, teachers, and parents to nominate any studio for their positive act of good sportsmanship by notifying our backstage team.   

SDC does not discriminate; however, we do reserve the right to refuse entry into the competition as a competitor or spectator, to any group or individual who has been deemed unsportsmanlike by our staff. Anyone displaying unsportsmanlike behaviour during the event may be asked to rectify the situation or immediately be asked to leave the facility and no refunds will be issued. 


How can my studio win the STUDIO SPIRIT AWARD?

It starts will keeping in mind our SPORTSMANSHIP values.  But if you really want to go for this title, encourage your teammates and parents to show as much spirit as possible!  You can make posters and organize cheers within the audience, hallway, dressing room and on stage during awards!!!  Our SDC staff will be watching throughout the weekend for general sportsmanship, encouragement, and kindness to others.  Remember, just as one person’s kind deed can win it for your studio, one person from your studio can take it away just as quickly!!!  This competition isn’t just for the dancers and teachers, it’s for the parents too!  The STUDIO SPIRIT COMPETITION is a lot of fun and helps create an environment where everyone has a great time.

Disclaimer:  If you are putting up posters, only painter's tape is permitted.


Lost & FOUND

Summit collects a lost and found throughout the event; however, the lost and found remains at the local theatre after the event. Because the theatre is typically closer for participants than our office, all items will be left with the theatre lost and found system. Contact the theatre/venue directly for items missing in action.


Are there any RULES that I should be aware of?

The stage floors are as precious as GOLD to us and to the venues we use.  Studios have signed a disclaimer that they are responsible for any damages to floors or other property of the venue.  Here are some stick rules that all participants should know. Anyone not adhering to these rules risks disqualification, or being financially responsible for damages.

  • NO GLITTER.  Check all your props and costumes, for glitter that may fall off during performances.  Glitter does not come off of dance floors. (There are some solutions to glitter issues such as modge podge.  Speak with your teacher if you feel this may be a concern.)

  • NON-MARKING FOOTWEAR.  If your routine has footwear other than dance shoes, they need to have non-marking soles.  This is particularly concerning for hip-hop shoes. Tappers… be sure to check that your screws are in properly.

  • PROPS must have bases that will not damage the flooring.  Studios take full responsibility for the safety of their dancers using props.  NO GLASS | NO WATER | NO PROPS THAT CHANGE THE CONDITION OF THE STAGE ARE PERMITTED.

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