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COVID-19 Safety Protocol


In person.  Single Studio Entry and Schedule.

Every Studio will be appointed a separate time slot on the SDC stage for professional filming of entries. No crossovers with other studios. Entry granted to registered participants and pre-approved studio support staff only. No spectators.


Studios will receive a detailed schedule order for their entries. Routine videos will be rearranged into their categories, adjudicated, scored, and prepared for broadcasting.


Studios will receive a virtual broadcasting schedule where all entries can be watched in their entirety along with award sessions. Studios, dancers, family and friends will be able to turn in to watch the entire competition or just their favorite dancer!

Results & Awards

Awards will be announced during broadcast and posted to our website. Applicable awards will be sent directly to studios.


Adjudication will be available to studios shortly after the filming and video processing has finished.

Encore Challenge

Adjudicators will select a handful of entries to automatically re-enter their video in our National Encore Challenge competition. The videos of these selections will be aired in our special event this summer broadcast on social media.


Health & Wellness Questionnaire / Contract Tracing

All studios will receive our health and wellness questionnaire 24 hours prior to scheduled arrival date. All attendees / guardians will be REQUIRED to complete and submit the HEALTH AND WELLNESS QUESTIONNAIRE and PARTICIPANT WAIVER before permitted entry. CONTACT TRACING will be collected from everyone onsite.


If you are experiencing any flu like symptoms, please stay home and contact your studio representative.


Masks are mandatory on and off of stage. Face shields are not acceptable.


Bring your own water. Water stations will not be provided this season inorder to maintain social distancing. Food consumption on location is prohibited.

Personal Bin

Dancers should bring their own bin or basket to place their personal belongings in.

Review Safety Plan

Studios are required to review the safety plan protocols with their dancers prior to start date and ensure guardians receive a printed copy.


Arrive Ready

Dancers must arrive ready, in their first costume, and with hair and make-up done.

Arrive On Time

Every studio will be assigned a check in window of time. There will be no entry permitted early or late. No exceptions.

Entrance / Drop Off Process

Entrances and exits will be clearly marked. Dancers are to be dropped off with their pre-approved studio representative oustide of the venue at their check in time. Only dancers and pre-approved studio staff will be permitted to enter venue for check in. Congregating outside of the venue, including parking lots is not permitted. Reminder: Ensure dancers have their WELLNESS QUESTIONNAIRE and WAIVER completed by their guardian.

No Re-Entry

There will be no re-entry once an individual exits their designated area. Please ensure you have all your belongings upon departure.

Temperature Check & Hand Sanatize

At check in, your temperature will be taken and then you will be directed to hand sanitize. Once completed, please follow signage to your holding area. We kindly request that you wash your hands or use hand sanitizer frequently.

Social Distancing

Please respect social distancing requirements and stay 6 feet apart in lobby and holding areas.

Safety Meeting

Once your studio has checked in, an SDC crew member will brief you on safety protocols.


Set Check In & Hand Washing

When it is time for you to join us onstage, you will check in at the set. Prior to entering the stage firming area, you will be asked to sanitize your hands.


Masks are mandatory at all times, INCLUDING ONSTAGE. Should masks not be mandated in certain locations or provinces, studios will be notified in advance.

Choreography (updated March 18)

Under current BC regulations, choreography must be non touch. There will be no point deductions for social distancing choreography, and choreography not adhering to rules will be disqualified. Studios may submit choreography that does not meet this criteria by video submission.

Dancer Number Limits

Dancer number limits both within the venue and on the stage, are restricted to 3 meters of social distancing space per person. Number details will be posted on our website for each event location.

Age Restriction

Provincial restrictions currently only permit children’s only programming activity. Adult entries are welcome to submit videos for our National Virtual Competitions.

Returning To Holding Area

After you have completed your time on set, you must return immediately to your holding area.

Costumes Changes

Costumes are NOT mandatory this season and there will be no point deductions for performances without costumes. We also understand that dancers may have many costume changes in a short period of time. We will provide additional time for costume changes when necessary. We are not able to accommodate additional time for hair and make-up changes. Please keep hair and make-up the same for all of your dances. Each studio will be allotted enough time for their entries based on data provided. Should a studio run over their allotted time, unfortunately it would be necessary to end the studios time at the venue regardless if all entries have completed. It is important for directors to have accurate data on their studios registrations such as routine length and time for prop placement. Any concerns should be brought forward prior to schedule creation.


All props must be listed in detail by the studio under the studios registration in their online account. Prop assistants need to be pre-approved in order to be permitted entry. Please note that prop assistants count towards a studio's number limits. SDC staff are not permitted to assist with props. Studio prop assistants must wear proper protective equipment and adhere to the same safety protocols as the dancers.


No Re-Entry

Once a studio has completed their time with us, we kindly ask that all studio members exit the venue quickly. Be sure to double check that you have all of your belongings before exiting as re-entry will not be permitted and SDC staff cannot touch personal belongings.

Sanitization & Ventilation

All common areas will be sanitized and have ventilation time before use by the next studio.



Safety Protocols are in effect for everyone's health and safety, and to comply with local restriction or mandates. Failure to comply is a detriment to others, therefore we cannot make acceptions. Additional safety protocols may be added at any time. Any persons not in compliance, are required to vacate the venue immediately.



All music must be submitted in digital format two weeks prior to start date through our online portal. Charges apply for late music submission.

Payment & Waiver

Please ensure any outstanding payments are submitted no later than 6 weeks prior to start date. Signed studio waiver is also due at this time.

Participant Health and Wellness Check and Waivers

Ensure that your dances have access to the Health and Wellness Questionnaire and Waiver, and understand these forms are required for participation.

Studio Representatives / Prop Assistants

Be sure to submit a full list of studio representatives who will be assisting your dancers. There is a maximum of 4 studio staff permitted in the venue, and friendly reminder studio staff count towards your overall studio number of permitted attendees.


SDC reserves the right to implement any additional requirements deemed mandatory by local health, work, community, or venue authorities.

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